Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia is an alternative approach to early childhood education and learning, that still delivers the best possible outcome for your child’s future.

The Reggio Emilia approach is focused around helping a child with: confidence, responsibility, self-confidence as well as supporting the ability to work in a team and self-direct their own learning from a young age.

The Reggio Emilia Learning Approach

This creative approach originated in post-war Italy, however it has now grown and expanded internationally into a well-respected and highly effective teaching style for children.

The key difference between a Reggio Emilia centre as opposed to more traditional school, is that the child has much more control and rights in their own learning while in attendance.

Instead of a more autocratic method where children are grouped together and told exactly what to do, Reggio Emilia explores the creativity that lies within each and every child as a unique individual; promoting awareness of their own decisions to learn.

Traditional approaches, are usually based on a fixed, cookie-cutter educational plan that applies to all.

However, at Reggio Emilia centres, there are less of the formal compulsory sessions like group reading and writing but instead activities that promote positivity and active learning. The system is adaptive and better applies to the strengths and uniqueness of each child.

The Reggio Emilia emphasis is on exploration, creativity and expression, it also allows the best possible learning method to shine for each child, whether they are a visual, aural or verbal learner.


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The Reggio Emilia Philosophy has extensive benefits for children of different backgrounds and learning capabilities.
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