Preschool Learning

Our centres cater not only to babies and toddlers, but also upper ages that require preschool or kinder. Our preschools perfectly meet the needs of our growing children, providing a space where they can play with friends, have fun on their own and soak in as much knowledge as possible in order to prepare them for primary school.

Our preschool programs provide a structured and stimulating learning environment for all children of different backgrounds and learning capabilities. During this young age in a child’s development, we aim to prepare them for an easy transition from preschool to primary school. We structure each term in our curriculum to focus on school readiness and various developmental changes that need to take place in your child’s life to prepare them for the classroom.

Benefits of preschool for children

The last year of preschool for a child is a big year for development, learning and discovering new things. We provide an extensive and meaningful preschool program in-line with the Australian Government National Quality Framework; designed by qualified early childhood teachers. We believe in involving all parents in the decision-making process and we listen in to the needs of each individual child to create the perfect space for them to develop.

Preschool at Community Kids Haven is an extremely positive and playful stage in a child’s life. These years will be paramount in developing your child’s social skills, problem-solving skills and their ability to thrive in the primary school environment.