Sustainability Education For Childcare Centres

Recycling Station

Green Haven

At Community Kids Haven, we believe in making a difference to the environment and creating a sustainable future for our children.

Part of our curriculum and With continuous improvements, we strive to build a better tomorrow for our children than we have today and by educating our children we instill a desire in them to protect our planet.

Learning about sustainability begins from day one, and we believe children are never too young to learn. We have daily reminders and practice which reinforces the message we believe is important for our children. Our hands-on approach and day-to-day activities and sustainability practices include:

  • herb and vegetable gardens that children help tend to and then help to prepare meals with and by learning to eat what they grow
  • worm farms and compost bins
  • water saving tanks that the children use to water the vegetable and herb gardens with
  • using recyclable material as much as possible for play and craft activities to encourage waste reduction, reusing material and recycling
  • play areas using natural resources such as sand, stones, leaves, clay and mud
  • using upcycled outdoor furniture made with wooden pallets
  • bringing the outdoors environment indoors with indoor trees and plants and wooden logs for children to sit on
  • teaching our children through simple lessons about nature and the environment and our responsibility to the planet by saving water, growing trees and minimising the use of plastic and the damage plastic can do to our waterways
  • regular gardening lessons and earth hour
  • keeping chickens or rabbits at each centre where the children will save and collect food scraps for them instead of throwing them in the rubbish
  • talking to children about electricity and encouraging them to shut lights
  • encouraging children to practice what they learn at the centre and apply the same principles at home and when they are in the community