Recycling Station

Green Haven

At Community Kids Haven, we believe in making a difference to the environment and creating a sustainable future for our children.

Part of our curriculum and With continuous improvements, we strive to build a better tomorrow for our children than we have today and by educating our children we instill a desire in them to protect our planet.

Learning about sustainability begins from day one, and we believe children are never too young to learn. We have daily reminders and practice which reinforces the message we believe is important for our children. Our hands-on approach and day-to-day activities and sustainability practices include:

  • herb and vegetable gardens that children help tend to and then help to prepare meals with and by learning to eat what they grow
  • worm farms and compost bins
  • water saving tanks that the children use to water the vegetable and herb gardens with
  • using recyclable material as much as possible for play and craft activities to encourage waste reduction, reusing material and recycling
  • play areas using natural resources such as sand, stones, leaves, clay and mud
  • using upcycled outdoor furniture made with wooden pallets
  • bringing the outdoors environment indoors with indoor trees and plants and wooden logs for children to sit on
  • teaching our children through simple lessons about nature and the environment and our responsibility to the planet by saving water, growing trees and minimising the use of plastic and the damage plastic can do to our waterways
  • regular gardening lessons and earth hour
  • keeping chickens or rabbits at each centre where the children will save and collect food scraps for them instead of throwing them in the rubbish
  • talking to children about electricity and encouraging them to shut lights
  • encouraging children to practice what they learn at the centre and apply the same principles at home and when they are in the community

Healthy Haven

Lots of thinking goes into feeding your child the healthiest foods at our centres. We know that children are fussy eaters and that is why we take our time to create menus that are appealing and interesting, while being packed with the right balance of nutrition.

What children eat from an early age influences their future eating habits and their overall health and wellbeing for life, thus we include it part of our curriculum. A balanced, varied and nutritious diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits is vital for energy, brain function, growth and development.

We make sure that our children are involved in all the stages of food preparation. From tending to vegetable and herb gardens, to helping out in food preparation, our children get to eat what they produce and can experiment with different tastes and types of food.

Our focus is on healthy food and nutrition from an early age. We include easy lessons during the day which are a part of our daily discussions around healthy eating.

There are regular discussions about healthy eating and the food pyramid and we talk to our children from a young age about what types of food they should eat most and what types of food less and what they should avoid and keep only for very special occasions.

Our eating plan conversations revolve around:

  • Fruit and vegetables and how much to eat in a day with examples
  • Bread and cereals and how much is needed with examples
  • Meat and fish and other protein rich food and why they are needed
  • Milk and foods made with diary, or calcium rich diary alternatives, and why milk and dairy is good for you
  • Snacks and how much to eat and what to stay away from
  • Oils and fats and what different types there are.

Healthy food recipes are shared with our families to use at home and children take part in healthy cooking classes to teach children lifelong principles about healthy eating and cooking and looking after our bodies and what we put in them.

All our menus are designed in consultation with nutritionists and assessed by Nutrition Australia to prepare balanced and tasty menus children will enjoy eating.

A sample of our menu


  • Seasonal Fruit Platter with low sugar yogurt
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Toasted low sugar raisin bread
  • Assorted wholegrain cereals with milk
  • Wholemeal toast with assorted spreads

Morning Tea

  • Veggie sticks with homemade hummus
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Oat slice
  • Mini quiches
  • Yogurt with assorted seasonal fruit


  • Tuna patties with garden salad
  • Lamb or Lentil curry with rice
  • Chicken stir-fry with rice
  • Beef and vegetable Bolognese spirals
  • Cheesy cauliflower bake

Afternoon Tea

  • Banana bread
  • Spinach and cheese quesadillas
  • Zucchini slice
  • Brown rice crackers with cheese and dip
  • Apple and cinnamon muffins

Fit Kids Haven

Fit Kids Haven

A child’s first instinct is to play. Children love to run, climb, hop, skip, dance, catch, throw, roll down hills, to make noise and to dance.

At Community Kids Haven, we include a variety of activities to keep our children as fit and healthy as they can be. Exercise through play is the best way to engage children and that is why it forms a big part of our fitness programs.

Our Fit Kids curriculum focus on developing physical skills from an early age while also building fitness through fun activities.

Healthy amount of physical activity in children introduces the love of fitness and spending time away from other modern day distractions and building a love for the outdoors which will continue for the rest of their lives.

Our fitness curriculum includes indoor and outdoor activities and involve the use of a variety of materials and equipment. Children learn to play with materials such as balls, cones, ropes, hoops and balloons.

We stress on games that involve full body workout which include activities such as full body workout like crawling, climbing, ducking, weaving and jumping.
Fitness through dance, yoga and movement are also an integral part of our fitness routine.

Creative Haven

Creative Haven

Creative play and activities have a central role in your child’s overall learning and development and that is why we believe in fostering creativity and imagination from a young age as part of our curriculum.

Children typically enjoy expressing ideas and exploring their world through songs, dress-ups, art material, language, wood work, music and dance.

The first few years of a child are one of the most creative times. While your child’s imagination is still developing; drama, music, dance and visual arts can help your child with:

  • fostering your child’s creativity
  • helping your child develop, practice and improve coordination and
    motor skills
  • giving your child a chance to try out problem-solving and thinking skills.

Our arts and music studio provides our children with ample opportunities to try out new musical instruments and take part in group activities. We also have wood work DIY classes once a month with our in house handy man, where our children used recycled woods and have the chance to safely create special woodwork pieces to use and take home with them.

reading haven

Reading Haven

Our Reading curriculum is designed to instill a lifelong love for reading in our children. Reading is a fun activity to learn and socialise. Our program is full of activities centered around reading that is aimed to promote early literacy skills, including alphabet recognition, phonics, and comprehension.

We have a library at all our centres and all of them are filled with well-loved children’s story books and award winning children’s literature which provides children with many opportunities to increase their language and communication skills.

With a love of reading as part of the curriculum their vocabulary and appreciation for the written word will grow as they read and listen to a wide range of educational story books from our libraries. We want our children to transition to school with confidence by engaging with them in a wide variety of experiences.

Amongst our children we want to lay down the foundation for the love of learning and the ability to develop skills in a positive, safe and fun environment.

Benefits of Reading:

  • Children who are read to from a very early age develop a lifelong love of reading
  • Children who read often and widely get better at it
  • Reading exercises the brain
  • Reading improves concentration
  • Reading teaches children about the world around them
  • Reading improves vocabulary and language skills
  • Reading develops a child’s imagination
  • Reading helps children to develop empathy
  • Reading is a fun activity
  • Reading is a great way to socialise
  • Children who know how to read achieve better at school