About Us

children sitting in childcare centre smiling

Community Kids Haven Early Learning Centres

Community Kids Haven provides outstanding care and early years learning for your child between the ages of twelve weeks to six years. We want every child that enters our care to feel a part of our loving and nurturing family.

Why choose Community Kids Haven?

We are a family owned and operated business with young children of our own, and understand what a difficult decision it is to leave your child in someone else’s care. We want to assure you that providing a safe and nurturing environment for your child is our topmost priority. We recognise that the number one need of all parents leaving their child in daycare is to find the highest quality care, where their child is given similar care, much like the care that they would receive at home.

We want each and every child at our centre to feel a sense of belonging, and to feel comfortable in a safe space where they can learn, explore, create and grow to their full potential.

Our centres are run by highly trained and passionate team members who are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing and fun learning environment for your child.

Our Goal

Our goal at Community Kids Haven is to focus on each individual child and their needs. We believe in building a sense of home and a sense of community where our children will be encouraged to be brave, creative, resilient and kind. We strongly believe that these elements will help our children grow and easily transition into primary school years.


All the children attending care at the Community Kids Haven are central to our philosophy, and every child that walks through our doors is important to us.At Community Kids Haven, our philosophy is built around the concept that all the children under our care receive the best level of care and learning possible and which is provided in a warm, loving, nurturing and safe environment.

We work hard to create an environment, where the minute you step inside one of our Community Kids Haven centres, you and your child will feel a sense of belonging and feel part of a welcoming community.

Our aim is to build long lasting and genuine relationships and partnerships with families.

Our philosophy and our curriculum have been heavily influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach of early learning. This approach is a very ‘child friendly’ way of educating children, allowing them to just ‘be’ children and to enjoy their world surrounding them while also providing age appropriate educational programs that assist in learning and the development of the whole child. Our focus remains on positive physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and moral growth. Learning through play is an integral part of our educational and learning approach.

Our mission is to ensure our children will:

  • feel a sense of belonging
  • receive the best possible care
  • learn and grow in a safe, fun and loving environment
  • learn to respect diversity and interact with children from other cultures and backgrounds
  • learn to build social connections
  • have a fundamental understanding of the world around him/her
  • feel comfortable in the transition between early years care and primary school.

Our Team of Educators:

At Community Kids Haven, we hire only the best, most dedicated, highly trained and caring educators.

Our educators are passionate about their work and have a strong desire to make a real difference in the life of your child.

Our educators will take the time to learn about your child and their unique interests. They will work with you, the parent, who knows your child the best to help them learn more about your child and their background and culture so we can deepen their learning opportunities.

We believe that families need to be a part of their child’s growth and daily routine. We will regularly communicate with you on how your child is progressing and their day-to-day experiences.

We look for the following most important qualities in our team of educators:

Dedication: The number one quality that all our educators possess is dedication. We believe that educators don’t only need to be passionate but dedicated to bringing out the best in our children. Our educators are dedicated to the love of learning and inspire the children under their care.

Patience: Along with an underlying desire for teaching and a love for children, our educators display and have plenty of patience. Children that come to our Centres all have varying developmental needs and different interests and experiences at home and might come from a non-English speaking or multi-cultural background. Children need to be constantly reminded of moral values, ethics, manners, hygiene, classroom procedures and routines. It takes patience to look after each child and we believe that is one of the most important skills that our educators have.

Creativity: Creativity is more than just making fun art projects with your child. Our educators have a creative flare to be able to teach children using different types of resources and be able to teach children from varying cultures and backgrounds. They are able to draw from their creative side to make decisions outside the norm in the best interest.