How Our Sustainability Practices Teach Children to Make Greener Choices

sustainable teaching

At Community Kids Haven, our commitment to green practices inspires every part of our daily routine. The take-home message for children is this: it’s important to live a life with respect for the environment and its natural resources.

If we want to give them the best future we can, it’s our responsibility to pass on our values.

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Why Teach Children About Sustainability?

Every parent knows: our children are the future! If we want to give them the best future we can, it’s our responsibility to pass on the values of sustainability. Children’s minds are like sponges: they soak up knowledge and habits at an incredible rate.  When we teach young minds to live in harmony with nature and conserve resources, these values will stay with them for a lifetime.

At Community Kids Haven, we design daily activities that include a wide range of built-in sustainability practices. Read on to explore some of the environmentally responsible features of our centres:

Herb and Vegetable Gardens

On-site vegetable and herb gardens are a central part of our centres. Children actively look after the gardens. Then, they gain the joyful experience of helping to make healthy meals with tasty fresh veg and herbs. When children cook with what they grow, they take pride in their work. They also learn where food comes from, and healthy eating habits, along the way!

Children take pride in eating fresh foods they helped to grow!

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Compost Bins and Worm Farms

Most children love dirt–they love playing in it, making mud pies and stomping around. When children learn that healthy, rich soil is responsible for everything they eat, it makes them love dirt and worms even more! All the steps of composting, including our worm farms, are great hands-on teaching tools that relate to many different science lessons.

Water Saving Tanks

The children will use water-saving tanks to water the on-site gardens. This shows students that with a little bit of planning, they can harness natural resources.

We Celebrate Natural Resources

Our play areas are built with natural materials in mind. We also strive to bring the outdoors inside with a variety of indoor plants. To encourage waste reduction, we reuse materials for crafts and activities. We recycle as much as possible. This includes making upcycled outdoor furniture in play spaces!

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Education Leads The Way

Through simple lessons, we teach our children about nature, the environment and our collective responsibility to the planet. We feature lessons on such topics as:

  • saving water
  • growing trees
  • minimising the use of plastic
  • the harm plastic products can do to our waters
  • regular gardening lessons and earth hour
  • simple ways to conserve electricity

With global warming, pollution and energy crises threatening the future of our planet and resources, it is important to educate children from an early age.

The Circle of Life

Keeping small animals on-site helps children to learn the order of the natural world. We keep chickens or rabbits at each centre, and encourage children to save and collect food waste to feed them. This is one of the many simple steps to teach young minds about compost, gardening and the enrichment of soils.

We incorporate upcycled and reclaimed materials, such as wood pallets, into our centres.

The Learning Continues At Home

Learning doesn’t only happen at Community Kids Haven. Our caretakers encourage children to practice what they learn at the centre, so students will be excited to apply the same principles at home and in their daily lives. It is our goal to spread knowledge beyond the classroom and create lifelong habits!

Live Your Values Every Day

At Communtity Kids Haven, we strive to build a better tomorrow for our children than we have today. We mentor children so that they grow up to be environmentally conscious adults. Learning about sustainability begins from day one, and we believe children are never too young to learn. We hope you will join us in our vision.

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