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Community Kids Haven (CKH) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for all children.  We believe every child is unique and has distinctive aptitude, ability and talent.  Early years positive experiences lay a solid foundation for the rest of their life.  Our commitment is to provide them a creative, stimulating, safe and intrinsically motivating environment to unleash their unique potentials and raise them as a valuable contribution to the future society.

CKH quality play based program furnishes endless opportunities to learn and practice progressive exploration and thinking, life skills of interaction, sharing and resolution and scaffold to shape up an exquisite self image.  Children are invigorated to learn independently, explore in their own-ways and make choices of objects and natural materials from their environment.  We embrace the concept that young children are swift, imaginative, creative, enthusiastic and powerful learners and they own a natural faculty to control their own learning patterns.  Our experienced, professional and rightly qualified educators facilitate, guide and extend these learning patterns in their everyday program.

We always emphasize the importance of parent input, participation and involvement into our program.  Our team make every effort to establish an open, positive and trusting relationship with the parents.

We believe children have the right to be treated equally in an equitable environment that respects and positively acknowledges each child regardless of race, culture, gender, class, disability and age.  We encourage our children to respect and value differences in others and themselves.

Our Educators endeavours relentlessly to achieve excellence in their role as learned educator, compassionate role models and caring nurturers of children’s learning and development.

Our Mission

Educators and Management of CKH endeavour to provide:

a friendly  environment that is safe and inviting for children, families and educators;
a stimulating program that is accessible to all children and whilst being based on individual strengths also provides challenges to promote their development;
a working environment that encourages educators to be creative and continue their learning process through professional development and mentoring from other educators.

Our Vision

Our vision for CKH children: to develop a passion to learn and discover more about their world through play in an environment that is safe, secure, caring while embracing diversity and individuality;

Our vision for CKH families: to feel a belonging to the centre and participate in their child’s learning through program input and collaboration between families and educators ;

Our vision for CKH educators: to be part of a team that embraces and promotes each individual members strengths and respects and considers each persons opinions, beliefs and values.

Hello, My name is Anthea Peatling and I am proud to say that I am the Centre Director here at Community Kids Haven Greensborough. I have been in the Early Learning Sector for over 17 years and I hold a Diploma in Children's Services and a Diploma of Business Management.
During this time I have been an Assistant Educator, Lead Educator, Educational Leader, Assistant Centre Director and Centre Director, I have worked in the Western Suburbs and the Bendigo Region. As this sector is continuously evolving I like to scaffold my knowledge and deliver this to my team to ensure we are delivering the quality care and education to the children in our care.
I believe all children should have the opportunity to participate in rich, welcoming and meaningful experiences in order to ignite their learning and bring out their individuality and personalities. Our children are our future and we have a responsibility to ensure we are providing them with the life skills which will take them from one setting to the next.
For me this is a passion I share with the team that I am fortunate to work with.

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Excellent centre where my daughter attends. Staff are professional and caring. We could not be happier with the service they provide. - David Spark

It's the best daycare I see and I heard. My two sons are loving to play there everyday. They love the food and the staffs are friendly. Connie is the best person in the world. My two sons love Connie so much. The director of the daycare is a nice and responsible person, all the staffs there will be good too. It won't go wrong. - Vivian Cheng

Enjoyed a wonderful grandparents day with my grandson in this warm, caring loving environment. I appreciate that Kuba is so fortunate to be so very cared for and educated by these professional and genuinely loving staff. He couldn't be anywhere better while we are all working. Xx - Dianne Cantelo

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Phone: 03 9432 4033

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