Our Program

As part of the kinder program at Community Kids Haven we will be working with all children to ensure they all form positive relationships with each other. These relationships will make them feel safe and supported within the service.

Educators will encourage positive relationships between children and their peers as well as the educators. Our aim as educators is to teach children about emotions, feelings and to also discuss how these can affect each of us as individuals. Children will also be taught about inclusion, fairness, and about being non-bias towards other people regardless of race, colour, religion or ability.

There will be daily group discussions during the mat time: including music, dance, reading stories, singing songs and learning actions, playing games, memory games and basic maths.

Our Kinder Program Goals


During this program the children will enjoy learning through our play based learning environment

  • Recognize their name & surname
  • Reading and writing their names
  • Draw a self-portrait
  • Recognise 8 shape
  • Recognise numbers up to 20
  • Sequence a story
  • Recognise basic and secondary colours
  • Learn and perform new songs & rhyms
  • Read stories & learn new words
  • Listen and dance to music
  • Participating physical exercise
  • Learn about their five senses