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Community Kids Haven

CKH Early Learning Centre are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for all children. We believe every child is unique and has distinctive aptitude, ability and talent. Early year’s positive experiences lay a solid foundation for rest of their life. Our commitment is to provide them a creative, stimulating, safe and intrinsically motivating environment to unleash their unique potentials and raise them as a valuable contribution to the future society.

At CKH Early Learning Centres our promise is:

  • Quality Care
  • Latest Resources
  • Music & Sports Classes
  • Government Funded Kinder Program
  • Online Parent Resources   


  299-301 Plenty River Drive
  Greensborough, VIC 3088

  TEL: (03) 9432 4033

  1-3 Jade Way
   Hillside, VIC 3037

  TEL: (03) 9390 7409


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